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Business Consulting

We provide extensive knowledge in business operation and strategy consulting. The spectrum of our consulting services spans across the entire business cycle.

Will help you decide

  • Feasibility study
    • Before you get into a new business or offer a new product and service you need to evaluate your options and risk and make sure that opportunity will achieve the desired profitability and growth.
  • Market research
    • Understanding the market is essential component in devising the right business strategy. Market research will examine the competition landscape, pricing, product/services, and market trends.
  • Strategic Planning
    • In light of our research and market understanding we will create for you a winning strategy to achieve the desired goals.

Running your business

  • Legal entity selection
    • There are many considerations that go into the selections of the legal business entity type (LLP, LLC, S. Corp, C crop). The goal to optimize the Tax treatment, limit personal liability and fit the future growth plans.
  • Tax planning
    • Our tax professional will study your business and advise you with practical actions that will minimize your tax liabilities while maintaining your compliance with tax laws and regulations.
  • Market expansion strategy
  • Every business is looking to achieve revenue growth and produce healthy profit margin. Operational efficiency
    • Operational efficiency, outsourcing, expansion to new markets, adding new products/services are just a few of the strategies that can carry your company to the next level.
  • Strategic M&A
    • M&A can be a very effective component of an effective strategy for what it can offer as a mean to acquire the know-how, access to new markets. M&A can also be used to achieve synergies that can drive down cost of operations.
  • Succession planning
    • Now you have created a successful business then what? How to keep the legacy in your family. Is the next generation ready to carry the torch?
  • Business valuation and sales